Errors with smbfs/smbmount

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu May 25 15:14:19 GMT 2000

> 	I'm running samba-2.0.7,  on a Redhat 6.1 box with a 2.2.14 kernel.
> 	Only other thing of interest is that when the drives are mounted
> 	/sbin/mount.smbfs is left running in the background.  One for each
> mount
> 	point.  Is this normal behavior?
> It is normal on my system. For each remote mount, 'ps -ax' typically shows:

Yes, the smbmount/mount.smbfs process hangs around. If smbfs "detects"
that the connection is down it calls on smbmount to open a new connection
to the server.

> smbmount //<server>/<share> <password> -U <username>  -W <workgroup> \
> -c mount ?/mnt/<mountpoint> -g <group> -f 775 -d 7

This syntax looks older than samba 2.0.6. Do you get the same problem if
you try a 2.0.7? There is a known problem with smbmount dying when it
shouldn't in some versions, that bug was fixed in 2.0.6 (or maybe it
wasn't until 2.0.7, but I do know that it is fixed now :).

I don't know that this will fix your problem, obviously a similar problem
is still around in 2.0.7. Personally I have not seen this since problem
for a while (ie 2.0.5, 2.0.6 or whatever it was).

> I'm new to this list (this problem is what prompted me to subscribe). I have
> not received the normal trickle of messages that I would expect for a
> mailing 
> list. Instead, I received the message above in a digest of 15 or so. Is this

The list is also available in non-digest form. See the end of:

But for some reason the default is digest form.

To me the "indent-previous-response" is a bit confusing. Especially when
the lines wrap (as it does for 'mount' above). Anything wrong with plain
old '> '?


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