Errors with smbfs/smbmount

Green, Todd tgreen at
Thu May 25 14:38:57 GMT 2000

>Are these Samba mailing list archives? If so please, someone send me a URL.

>I'm new to this list (this problem is what prompted me to subscribe). I
>not received the normal trickle of messages that I would expect for a
>list. Instead, I received the message above in a digest of 15 or so. Is
>normal samba list behaviour, or have I done something stupid when 
>subscribing? I would really appreciate an answer on this - even if nobody
>knows the answer to the "disappearing NT shares" problem.

Actually this is my first post to the Samba list.  Like you I subscribed in
the hope of finding a solution to this problem.  As to the digest messages I
just got my first one today so I suppose that's how it works.

Anyway if I find out anything I'll let you know.

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