Win Servers and Samba

LOVETT, David David.LOVETT at
Wed May 24 12:08:43 GMT 2000


We are succesfully using Samba with a remote WINS server which is located on
another site. We have a second site which has successfully been using the
same WINS server and communicating with our Samba server.

Recently the PCs on the second site have been  unable to connect to our
Samba server. The other site uses a different DHCP server to our site but it
still gives out the same addresses for the WINS servers. We can ping the
Samba (using IP Address but not name) servers OK. We have even been able to
mount drives on other PCs from our site on the PCs at the other sites. For
some reason (possibly WINS server) we can no longer ping using netBIOs name
or attach to our Samba servers at all from the remote site. However
everything is working fine at the local site.

We feel that someone may be trying to block our samba server domain from
other site using WINS server. Is this possible?


Dave Lovett

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