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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed May 24 11:59:01 GMT 2000

  Oh, you already replied...
Also you're on Solaris, so it's easier: you can email me truss 
and sar files.

  So, if I understand you correctly, the upgrade to Solaris 7 and
2.0.5a cut performance down noticeably.  This is unexpected, as
a colleague who does big benchmarks always checks out Samba against
the old 1.9.18 version to make sure there hasn't been a reduction,
and 2.0.7, at least, was faster than 1.9.818 on Solaris 7.

  This implies that something about the many-files-open case
you're working with is causing the regression.
  When you say "the more files open, the slower the response time",
do you mean the more files open **on one client machine** the slower,
or the more clients opening files the slower it goes?

  If you can reproduce this easily, can you run 
	sar -o cindy.sar.raw 10 30 
and mail me the (binary!) file that is produced?  I'll
mail you back a quickie analysis of what's happening at
the system level.
  I'd also like your smbd log...  but first check your log level,
which should be at 1 or 2, not 3. 3 produces too much overhead.

  Finally, if you can, run smbstatus to find the pid of
the smbd that's serving the test client and run 
	truss -d -p pid_from_smbstatus >cindy.truss
while you do yet another repetition of the performance test.
This will produce an ascii listing of every system call
that smbd makes during the test, and can help us narrow
down the suspects.

  Mail these to me with a meaningful subject line and we'll see
what we can find.

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