Samba authentication

Yves Dorfsman dorfsmay at
Fri May 19 21:19:14 GMT 2000


Could someone confirm that the following is NOT possible with Samba:

-Run Samba on a Solaris box WITH NO SMBPASSWD
-Have the users log in on Windows NT, using the Novell NDS client, and
-Have the users authenticated by Samba through NDS (preferred) or NIS.

My understanding is that if Samba receives the password encrypted, it has
no choice but to use a local smbpasswd (and can't use /etc/passwd, 
NDS, NIS, pam etc...). Right ?

My understanding is that with the current version of Win NT, you cannot
disable password encryption. Right ?

Do you know what are the alternatives (totalnet Syntax ? others ?) ?


Yves Dorfsman                                        dorfsmay at

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