What client software do I need?

Fri May 19 18:45:45 GMT 2000

Hello again everyone. I would like to say thank you to those who
After two days of testing and retesting Samba, I was finally able to
an AIX file system in my NT. Awesome thing to see.

The only change I made in my NT client was the host table - this is to
the IP address of the RISC box where Samba resides. Then of course make
changes to the smb.conf to test connectivity.

Prior to a request made by one of our user, I had no knowledge about
Samba is. After fumbling throught the "html" documentations, I began to
what it can do. In fact when I had it working, I began to like it too.

I did not expect a "specific system documentation".  However a more
documentation would have help - ie; this is the server, this is the
client, this is
what you expect - something like that. I had to fumble my way around the
documentations just to figure things out.

I believe that if anyone asks a question, regardles of how simple or
stupid it
may sound, that no assumption should be made about the person asking
question. Isn't that what a LIST is all about to provide help or
suggestion without

I apologize if I offended anyone.


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   Hello everyone.  I apologize in advance for a simple question yet
   hard to a beginner. I'm new to SAMBA - 1 1/2 days old.
   I'm in the process of configuring/testing SAMBA in our
   RISC test box. I am now stuck on TEST 5 below.
   TEST 5:-------run the command "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'"You should
   get the PCs IP address back. If you don't then the clientsoftware on
   the PC isn't installed correctly, or isn't started, or yougot the
   name of the PC wrong. If ACLIENT doesn't resolve via DNS then use the
   IP address of theclient in the above test.
   Exactly what client software do I need to install/configure my NT?
   I've read all the documentations
   I could find and yet there is no metion about the client software
   mentioned in TEST 5.
   Any suggestion or recommendation is appreciated.

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