hao-zj zj0572 at
Thu May 18 22:19:36 GMT 2000


I downloaded the SAMBA binary code for Solaris 2.7.
and  try to let it running, but get some kind error.

The environment:

Samba version: 2.0.7
Samba server: server01 (  
NT client   : client01 (
                           <==different networker and
NT client's resource controlled by Novell...

             workgroup = UFO
           path= /export/home/test
           guest ok=yes

When I try to map to nt, I get some error:
    c:\> net use g:\\server01\test
  "The Network path was not found"           <====

I already put the ip address for the server and client
in the lmhosts and hosts file.  I do not know why the
NT client can not map it.

Another thing:  how can put the Solaris server and NT
client in the same group (UFO)???? 




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