Lock a mdb file in a Samba Server

Donald E Hammond dhammond at nac.net
Wed May 17 18:55:21 GMT 2000

The textdocs/HINTS.txt file (at least in the 2.0.6 source) has a few
words about using M$ Access on a samba share.  I have access dbs on a
samba share served from Linux to NT with no problems.  Although I am the
only one that uses them, I just tried and was able to open the same
database and table from two different NT machines.  If it's not the
permissions on the *.ldb file as Keith suggests, it might be an issue
with Access locking, not Samba, as explained in the HINTS.

Keith G. Murphy wrote:
> > Jorge Mota wrote:
> >
> > Helo,
> >
> > I have a problem width my Linux Samba Server, because I have a mdb
> > file in my /home/staff path (share width samba), but I can't open this
> > file in more than one W98 client????
> > When my second W98 Client try to open this mdb file the message:
> > "Cant' lock file" appears. Why?
> I haven't ever dealt with this, so this may be a stupid suggestion, but:
> What about permissions on the *ldb* file that gets created by the first
> user?  Can it be written to by the second user?
> >
> > Note: if I share the same file in W98 machine, there are no
> > problems!!!
> >
> Naturally.  It has no concept of file ownership.

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