User belongs to too many groups, cannot map drives.

Miles D. Oliver moliver at
Tue May 16 16:16:50 GMT 2000

 I have a Samba 2.0.6 installation on a Sun Ultra 2 that is giving me

 The group structure of this environment is such that there are more than
16 user groups defined for the system. 30 groups to be exact.  

 There have been kernel changes to support the 30 groups (default is 16).

 When a Samba user belongs to more than 15 groups (in /etc/group) they
cannot map any drives from their Win98 boxes.  You 'cut' down the user to
belong to 15 groups and they can map drives.

 15 groups - yes, can mount drives.
 16 groups - 'internal error' in logs and cannot map drives.

 Is there a way to modify the samba code and recompile to support users
belonging to more than 16 groups?

 I know that changing the companys group structure is the best option,
nobody really needs to belong to that many groups (as far as I can tell)
but we need a workaround.


 Miles D. Oliver

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