Problem joining NT domain...

Kedar Patankar kedar at
Mon May 15 06:46:12 GMT 2000

Hi all,

	I have a RH6.1 box with stock samba 2.0.5a. I did everything that
is mentioned in the "Joining NT domain with samba 2.0" document at
	I then used server manager on the NT PDC to create the machine
account, and did smbpasswd -j DOM -r DOMPDC. It said successfully joined
NT domain etc. It also created the mac file.
	After this I could see the machine in n/w neighbourhood from the
NT PDC and other NT boxes in the n/w. But when I try clicking on it, it
keeps saying "can't find <samba_box>". I have made sure that I have done
all the relavent changes to the smb.conf, and that the smbd+nmbd are
	Any idea why is this happening? The same config file works in
another domain in our office, with another RH6.1 samba box.
	Any help/ideas/suggestions to get it working would be greatly

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