Samba Configuration

John Wright wright at
Sun May 14 00:17:31 GMT 2000

We've been trying to configure Samba on one of our servers and can't
seem to get it to work (I've configured Samba on several other machines
with earlier versions of Linux).

The configuration is Caldera eDesktop 2.4 full install.  The machine is
configured as a firewall and router.  A Win98 client can see the shares
but gets prompted to enter a password when attempting to use a share
(and a message "incorrect password" and variations).

Attempting to troubleshoot using the procedures at:
we hit an error at test 3.  When trying "smbclient -L servername" the
server responds by listing the two ethernet card interfaces and then two
lines that read:
session request to SERVERNAME failed (not listening for calling name)
session request to *SMBSERVER failed  (not listening for calling name)

Any ideas?  We'd appreciate some help.

Thank you.
- John Wright
Starfire Research

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