Authorize to samba, can't connect to NT. Help!!

George Farris farrisg at
Fri May 12 22:12:19 GMT 2000

Hi group,

I have a Linux server running 2.0.5a and setup as workgroup ADMIN.  It's set 
to do domain logins, local, preferred and domain master are on and security is 
set to user level.

We have the local workgroup ADMIN here on x.x.3.x subnet and on x.x.4.x there 
is an NT PDC that controls the MSHIP domain.

The local 98 users login to ADMIN and can browse the servers across the subnet 
in the MSHIP domain but anytime one clicks on one of the servers in the MSHIP 
domain it prompts for a password and always reports that password wrong.  The 
user names are identical in both groups.  In fact one can actually login to 
the MSHIP domain across the net and also browse and login to the local samba 
(ADMIN) server, but not the other way around.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on here?  I did an hour long 
search through the mail list but...

Any help is appreciated.

Basically to recap, I want to login to the samba server locally and connect to 
shares on the remote NT server that is in a different domain.

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