Yet another LPRng question!!!!

Gerry Maddock gerrym at
Fri May 12 20:45:25 GMT 2000

OK, Im able to print from linux and from Samba! Now I just get banners before each
print job. The banner looks like this:
User: gerrym
Class: A
Job: /etc/printcap

It prints that little bit of info on 1 page before whatever I told it to print! I
don't want that! Here is a copy of my /etc/printcap:

Doesn't the "sh" mean suppress headers????? Why am I still getting them? I've
stopped and restarted the lpd several times and I still get the banners. One other
thing I noticed: If I do the following command: lpr /etc/hosts I get a good copy of
my hosts file, meaning all the rows are lined up etc...
When I enter the following command: lpr /etc/printcap I get stair stepping of the
sentences. Ronnie I think your having this same problem. I wondered what is the
difference in those to files so I entered the following 2 commands:
file /etc/printcap
file /etc/host
Host is ASCII text, printcap is English text. What's the difference? Am I able to
change the English text to ASCII text? If so how, and would that effect anything?

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