Jet Direct Cards and Print sharing

John Kuhn webmaster at
Thu May 11 14:13:08 GMT 2000

I'm new to the list and I'm sorry if this question has been asked a thousand
times I searched thru the database of the mailing list and seen other people
where having the same problem.. but didn't see a clean cut answer..

I have a Samba server running on Redhat 6.2 it runs perfect as a file server
to about 30 NT4/windows2000 computers.  It is also a Print server connected
to 3 plotters and a laser printer (all Jet Direct connected) works great
there also except for one thing.. when the plotters are currently busy
receiving a plot and someone tries to plot something elese there windows
will hang until the plotter has a chance to respond to the send.  I imagine
it's because it can only recieve one connection at a time and linux needs to
have a response from it in order to allow someone to I right in
thinking this? and is there a work around? or do I have something configured
wrong? any help would be appreciated.. I migrated to the samba setup from
Netware and I'm never looking back.. except people are starting to complain
about this nagging problem..

thanks for any help
John Kuhn

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