A problem

stephane.pain at hays-logistique.fr stephane.pain at hays-logistique.fr
Thu May 11 13:51:50 GMT 2000


     I have a problem with Samba. I want to mount a NT shared directory on
a linux. But my directory is on a cluster.
The cluster is composed of two computers. There are three IP adress (one
for the first computer, the second one for the second computer and the
third one for the cluster made of ten shared disks). I must use the cluster
IP adress for make a smbmount. But on the cluster, there are only data and
nothing else. The systems are on the two computer.
So I have an error when I do the smbmount
The error is :

     added interface ip= bcast=
     session request to failed
     session request to *SMBSERVER failed
     smbmount login failed

Can you help me ???


stephane.pain at hays-logistique.fr

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