Problem: permissions for removing a file in a file system mounted by smbmount

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu May 11 04:53:49 GMT 2000

[Heribert Schütz <Heribert.Schuetz at>]
> Consider the following case: I mount a share from an NT server on a
> Linux box, which I then use at the Linux box. I create a file on that
> partition and remove its write permissions. This happens whithin a
> directory which does have write permission. When I now want to remove
> the file, it does not work, but I rather get an error message that I
> don't have the permission for that. (When I set write permissions for
> the file again, then I can remove the file.)

Take it up with your file server vendor.  This is server-side behavior;
perhaps they can provide you a patch.  The only way to work around it
at the client end would be for smbfs to issue explicit chmod commands
prior to attempting to delete or rename files.  In my opinion this is a
performance and complexity hit that isn't worth it.

> (In my case it is CVS. I want to put a CVS repository on the
> smbmount'ed file system, because regular backups are done for the NT
> server.)

Go the other way.  Mount a Unix share from your PC at the beginning of
your backup batch file, and unmount it at the end.


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