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Tue May 9 12:03:02 GMT 2000

James Campbell wrote:
| The current method of hard coding at compile time which password
| database Samba is to use is a little inconvenient. The same binaries
| cannot be used for files/NIS+/LDAP.
| An extra samba.conf option eg.
|	database     files nis+ ldap
|could be used

	This arguably should be part of the Unix system, not
	Samba: so long as Samba calls getpwuid, it shouldn't
	care if that's implemented via /etc/passwd files,
	nis tables or LDAP.

	Having the nis stuff in Samba was, in my opinion,
	a kludge to get around Sun for not having an nsswitch.conf
	in those days. After all, DEC had one...

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