smbfs nls for Linux 2.2.16pre2

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon May 8 21:45:40 GMT 2000


I have updated my version of how to get "nls" working in smbfs for the
changes made in the 2.2.16pre2 Linux kernel (both nls and smbfs). It is
now a bit smaller and perhaps cleaner (except for the CONFIG_SMB_NLS, that
could be removed, and the nls_utf8 abuse :)

Also, it now uses an ioctl to set the codepages to use (borrowed from the
work by Artem V. Ryabov). This allows you to mount a modified smbfs with
an unmodified smbmount or vice versa and that should give less "version
support" than my old modified mount_data variant.

One thing that has been removed is the support for a "default mapping",
this means that the patched version should behave like an unpatched
version until you ioctl it.

Patch at:

This also needs a small change to smbmount: (to make it use the new ioctl)

It is kind of pointless to apply that unless the smbfs patch is applied to
the kernel tree, especially since smbmount.c will stop compiling. It is an
example that shows that smbmount.c should probably be changed to not
include linux/*.h, and the same for smbmnt.c. This to reduce dependencies
between versions, but it means having the same values in two places.

Maintainer decision ... I'd be happy to add this to the patch if that is

More testing, comments, bugfixes, modifications to appease maintainers :)
and eventually being applied to official trees are needed.

Thanks for your time.


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