(Root) Preexec close: exit code?

William R. Knox wknox at mitre.org
Thu May 4 11:40:32 GMT 2000

David Lee wrote:
[majority of a very helpful message deleted]
> > I'm trying to use this to avoid several logons from the same student on
> > different pc's.
> Have you seen the "max connections" option?  Might this be a better way to
> achieve your aim (instead of any "preexec" use at all)?
The max connections option would not prevent the same user from
connecting multiple times - it allows for the maximum number of
connections _to a particular service_. If the student is connecting to
his home, then this will work - but the student could be connecting from
lots of places to a different share for which he has permissions, at
which point setting max connections will disable anyone else from
connecting once the number of connections is exceeded.
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