Win95 name resolution ????

Steven Law steve at
Thu May 4 10:10:07 GMT 2000

Hi all,

Can someone explain exactly how Windows does naming resolution ? Here's
my setup and my problem ... 

Windows 95 / Solaris 7 network with Samba 1.9.18

Windows PC with local IP and DNS servers defined and WINS turned off.
I have NetBIOS using DNS for name resolution.

I have a samba server X which about 50 PC's in our dept use.  I want to
move the services to machine Y so that I can switch off X but I don't
want to have to go round all PC's and change the server name.  I
shutdown X, added X as an alias for Y in my NIS/DNS then tested (using
nslookup) that the DNS server that my PC is using mapped X to its new IP
address (i.e.  that of Y).  I restarted server Y just to be safe but
when I switched on my PC the network connections timed out.  I then
tried ping and it also timed out because it was trying to connect to the
old IP address.  I have no local hosts file or lmhosts file on my PC. 

Can anyone suggest where my PC is getting the old IP address from ?

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