[netlogon] proble

LOVETT, David David.LOVETT at eur.crowncork.com
Thu May 4 09:46:28 GMT 2000

I got little problem with my samba (rh 6.1, samba 2.0.5a, 2.2.14). I want
to map network drive on some windoze, the drive has to be on Z:. When a
client trys to login i got the message that the z: is in use.
I looked into some docs and i found some parametr: logon drive. I changed
it top logon drive = p: - its still dont work
I have added to config.sys lastdrive=z: and nothing - the same message

What i have to do - maybe i miss something


If you put add the following lines to your logon script:-

net use

you will be able to see what drives are mapped at the point of the logon.
By default the Z: is used to run the logon scripts and any other logon
programs you may want to run. We have ours set up to carry out some checks
on  versions of files on the PCs. Z: is unmapped after the logon process is

have you tried

net use z: \\server\share /set /yes

to try and override the fact that the share is in use?


Dave Lovett

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