Win2k bringing down SMB

Jeremy M. Dolan jeremy at
Tue May 2 23:52:02 GMT 2000

We have a small LAN here with NT4/98 clients. I reformated an NT machine and
poped win2k on it, but as soon as I try to access the network, it takes
over. It can access the samba server fine, but none of the 98/NT machines
can see anything.

Tried originally with 2.0.7-pre4, then i installed 2.0.7 final and
experianced the same problem. Win2k has but to touch the network
neighboorhood to wreck havok. If I leave it at the list of computers on the
network, and don't even click on any of them, it has already taken over by
that point.

log.smb shows nothing, heres the relevant cut of log.nmb:

[2000/05/02 17:53:00, 0]
  register_name_response: server at IP rejected our name
registration of AXISTANGENT<1d> with error code 6.
[2000/05/02 17:53:00, 0]
  become_local_master_fail2: failed to register name AXISTANGENT<1d> on
subnet Failed to become a local master browser.
[2000/05/02 17:53:00, 0] nmbd/nmbd_namelistdb.c:standard_fail_register(294)
  standard_fail_register: Failed to register/refresh name AXISTANGENT<1d> on
[2000/05/02 17:53:00, 0]
  find_response_record: response packet id 19066 received with no matching

Now, the /really/ looks off to me. AXISTANGENT is our workgroup. is
subneted as a full /24, there's no such thing as "subnet". And is a NT4 workstation no one was near at the time. There is no
mention of the 2K machine ( But this is what appears before the
SMB goes down for everything but the 2K machine.

The fix seems to be powering off the 2K machine, killing [sn]mbd, rebooting
all workstations, then starting [sn]mbd. It's like they've been brainwashed
and have to totally have their memory of the 2K machine wiped out. A few of
the NT workstaions *STILL* cant see anything but themselves in network
neighborhood, after many reboots/samba restarts. Even tryed adding them to a
differant workgroup, then moving back to AXISTANGENT. They ping fine, and
can cruise the web, etc...

So, heads up all. =) Win2K is hazardous to your LANs health.

Jeremy M. Dolan
Systems Administrator
AxisTangent & Technologies

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