2.0.7 : 2 problems with install on Compaq Tru64

David Lee T.D.Lee at durham.ac.uk
Tue May 2 16:22:13 GMT 2000


> Date:   Tue, 02 May 2000 15:16:49 +0200
> From:   Michel Jouvin <jouvin at lal.in2p3.fr>
> To:     samba at samba.org
> Subject: 2.0.7 : 2 problems with install on Compaq Tru64
> [...]
> 2- As AIX, Tru64 has utmpx.h but 'x functions' are not implemented. I had 
> to undefined HAVE_UTMPX_H for Tru64 to be able to link smbd.
> This is in smbd/connection.c. I added after the same code for AIX :
> #if defined (__osf__)
> #undef HAVE_UTMPX_H
> #endif
> This happens with Tru64 native C compiler. I don't know if gcc exhibits the 
> same behaviour.

Thanks for the report.

The "utmp" support is new.  During development, it became apparent that
almost every OS had its own little oddities.  The code has therefore
evolved a lot during its short life.  What is in 2.0.7 is very different
from the first attempt that went into Samba's development tree.  It is
adequate and stable for a few systems, but, as you discovered, inadequate
for others.  Indeed, even though it might compile, there are probably then
other things that might subsequently fail.  But good news follows later... 

Although the "#if defined(AIX)" worked, the "autoconf" philosophy tends to
be against such OS-specific things, and prefer instead testing for
features.  That "AIX" thing was, therefore a quick-and-dirty fudge,
and not recommended.  Similarly, therefore, "#if defined(__osf__)", should
be avoided if reasonably possible.

Since the utmp code in the 2.0.7 development cycle was frozen (for
stability purposes), a patch has evolved which tries to fix known
compilation problems, to prevent future compilation problems, and to fix
some known bugs.  It tries not to use "#if defined (AIX)" constructions.

This patch (about 100k) is at:

Please could you try that, as it stands, on your system.  Let me know if
(and how!) you need to adjust that.

Thanks, in anticipation.


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