Windows 2000 patch for passwords

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue May 2 00:58:49 GMT 2000

[Barbara Osbon <barb at>]
> On our previous installations (NT and 95/98) we applied the
> EnablePlainTextPassword registry patch to allow our PCs to
> communicate with our Unix server and other systems - no problem.  Is
> there a similar patch for Windows 2000?

You don't say which version of Samba you are using.  The latest stable
version, 2.0.7, includes the file "docs/Win2000_PlainPassword.reg",
included below.  Also, you might wish to consider upgrading to 2.0.7
anyway, because it fixes several known bugs with Windows 2000 (well,
"works around several known Windows 2000 bugs" would be more like it).



;Contributor:   Herb Lewis (herb at

;Updated:	16 July 1999

;Status:	Current


;Subject:	Registry file to enable plain text passwords in Windows 2000



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