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Mon May 1 18:17:15 GMT 2000


I struggled with this same problem with VisionFS (A SCO Unix commercial
equivalent to Samba) for aaaaaages.  I'm no Unix expert or Samba for that
matter, but below is what tech support finally told us to do which, fixed
the problem.

I'm attaching the instructions in hopes that it'll give you some clues as to
what you might be able to do with the problem.  As tech support was never
clear why this fixed the problem, I'm not sure that it will be helpful.

I'm now working on a server which runs Samba. :-)


2. Create a new printer queue on the Unix host that uses a dumb

i. Create the new queue using:

	/usr/lib/lpadmin -p my_printer -v /dev/null -T dumb

the printer will be shared automatically by VisionFS

ii. You may want to add this new printer as a Windows printer using the
appropriate driver for the printer hardware


> Date:   Mon, 01 May 2000 12:46:05 +0200
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> Subject: Re: Suppressing Form Feeds
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> Thanks to all ... but I still get this extra form feed after each
> printing when printing from win clients.
> This with a Brother HL-1270N. I tried with a HP 5L : same effect.
> After so many unsuccessful tries, I give up for now ... maybe later?
> Thanks anyway
> Michel

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