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Ashoka D. Polpitiya adpol at netra.wustl.edu
Fri Mar 31 17:40:40 GMT 2000


I am a system administrator but new to Samba. We bought new PCs with NT
service pack 4 and I am trying to configure Samba(2.0.x) so that users can
access their UNIX(Solaris/IRIX) files from NT. I have two kinds of

Things seems to be perfect when I try this with Win98 but with NT, I can't
see the UNIX server from Network Neighbourhood. But "net view" shows all
the shares and I can map the shares to drive letters in NT explorer.

The other problem with NT is that everytime a user logs in to the NT
workstation it prompts for password for each samba server(if a share is
mapped) even though s/he is using the same username/passwd combination as
the UNIX server.
I've read almost all the documents and the O'Rielly book on "Using Samba". 
The WinNT.txt (http://us1.samba.org/samba/ftp/docs/textdocs/WinNT.txt)
document says that NT asks for the passwd at each login for a share and I
am bit confused about that, since it says further about passwd encryption.
I have updated the NT registry for plaintext passwords too.

Any help/suggetions on how to workaround these two problems will be
greatly appreciated.
Finally, Samba is great!


Ashoka D. Polpitiya		    
SysAdmin/Grad Student
Laboratory for Computation and Control
Washington University 

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