Cryptic error message

Aaron Dewell acd at
Fri Mar 31 03:38:59 GMT 2000

Does anyone have any hints on this error message (lsarpcd starting, and
doesn't start due to this):

socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.lsarpc/agent failed: Connection refused
socket connect to /usr/local/samba/var/locks/.msrpc/lsarpc failed: Connection refused
ncalrpc_l_establish_connection: failed lsarpc)
ncalrpc_l_use_add: connection failed
lsa query info failed

This causes smbd not to start afterwords.  I'm using Samba-TNG version
0.15, and the startup script from the source/scripts directory.  The
passwords are in a MySQL database, and I'm trying to configure it as a PDC
and domain logon server.  Any thoughts on where the problem is?



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