Problem with Samba 2.0.5 and Q&A

Peter Nixon peter at
Thu Mar 30 04:22:01 GMT 2000

Hi guys..
I have a very strange problem with Samba version 2.0.5a and Q&A Ver 5.0 for
DOS (eeek.. I know.. Symantec stopped supporting it 2 yrs ago)

The error i get is:
 ! Problem !
 System error, please try again (see Appendix C).
 Press Esc to cancel.

It seems to be related to drive size/samba/fstype or something..
The share that I am mapping the clients to (win95 and win 311)

	comment = H Drive
	path = /smallhd
	read only = No
	guest only = Yes
	locking = No
	fstype = FAT

which is a small (170Mb) hard disk. (it was running from a 9Gb scsi drive):
	comment = H Drive
	path = /hdrive
	read only = No
	guest only = Yes
	locking = No

But due to the info I found at:

Is Q&A networkable?
All versions of Q&A are networkable on, for example, Windows 95/98, Novell,
and Lantastic networks. All versions of Q&A will also work on Windows NT
networks with the following provisos:
All program and database files must reside on a 1.9G or smaller FAT
If using Q&A for Windows, it must be installed and/or run from Windows 95 or
98 workstations. (It will not run properly on an NT Workstation.)
On peer-to-peer networks, the sharing mode for shared databases must be set
to "Allow" rather than "Automatic" (File / Design a file / Secure a file /
Declare Sharing Mode). 

As you can see I have done some homework on this.. and have a fair amount of
samba experience... If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem I
would be greatfull.
If I don't get this resolved in the next few hours I am going to have to
rebuild a nice
PIII SuSE Linux server into a NT box :(

Cheers and TIA

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