Samba and Solaris automounter.

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Wed Mar 29 18:09:53 GMT 2000

  Mick Cranston found an interesting and useful converse to my 
"add -browse to Solaris automounts" comment:  He had mapped
| a drive (for example g:) from my pc to \\sambasrv\net, then clicked on g:
| in Explorer, Explorer would take 10-20 minutes to come back.  Plus it was
| eating my server alive because it was making all the NFS mounts possible
| in /net.  

  This is related to my warning about not setting client-side browser 
options that would require the server do a stat() of the files. In this
case, it was was far worse: it did an NFS mount of all the files in
a large directory!

  He solved this by setting the -nobrowse option on /net in /etc/auto_master,
| Explorer now comes back immediately (It doesn't show anything, but displays
| it immediately).  Then when I cd to, say, g:\unix1 in a command prompt on 
| the PC, all the filesystems exported by unix1 are now visible in explorer.
| A small price to pay for not having to wait while my server makes all the 
| nfs mounts possible in /net.

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