Sharity anyone?

Chris Watt cnww at
Wed Mar 29 18:44:16 GMT 2000

At 03:35 AM 3/30/00 +1000, Steve wrote:

>I now have a need to also share disk space from NT to Unix.  One package
>I have found to do this is Sharity, does anyone have any experience with
>it?  How does it compare to Samba for reliability?  Are there any other
>free or low cost solutions?

Stop me if this seems like a stupid question, but if you are already using
and happy with Samba, why not just use Samba to mount your NT share on the
Unix system? (e.g. "smbmount ntboxname:servicename /mnt/smbmount"). I don't
use it myself, but I have not heard any bad things about the client side of

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