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Braukmann, Juergen Juergen.Braukmann at
Fri Mar 24 13:37:49 GMT 2000

Stupid me, I forgot to add the Info about the Samba Versions in use:

1.8.18P3 (CDC Epix), 2.0.3 (IBM AIX) and 2.0.5a (on my Printserver, running on SuSE 6.2 This machine sadly caused the trouble in one case today)

Hope this helps better.


Hello, our sysop's asked me to forward this:

Hi everybody,

maybe someone can give me a solution to the following problem (get rid of NT unfortunately is no solution).

Our net environment contains NT4SP5 and SAMBA servers. Workstations run NT4SP3 and SP5. Part of our password policy is to change passwords every thirty days, and lock the user account after ten unvalid logon attempts. Lately, and it seems quite random, some user accounts were locked. This happens with clients that have a connection to a samba server. 
The NT eventlog tells me, that the SAMBA-Server tried to logon as such user to the NT-Domain and fails. The reason ist allways "unknown user or bad passwort". After ten tries the user account is locked.

So why is that? Any answers would be appreciated.

Klaus Zweig

PS: please excuse the tailing MS/TNEF garbage, this is exchange and I cant stop it appending it to my mails

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