BUG: Wide Links - does not work as documented

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Mar 24 13:51:17 GMT 2000

Environment: Samba 2.0.6 - under Solaris 2.5.1 and 7

We have wide links = no for all our shares.

BUT it does not stop access outside the volume for where the symlink points
to a file -- eg:

ln -s /etc/passwd PASSWD

But if the symlink points to directory, it is prohibited:

ln -s /etc ETC

> From looking at the code in lib/util.c for reduce_name(), it because the
check is done by chdir to base part of filename.  This obviously fails to
detect differences for symlinks directly to files.

The Solution would be to either change the documentation or make the test
detect whether dealing with a symlink at the last level - all a bit tricky.

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