Samba and LDAP

Ricardo Stella stella at
Wed Mar 22 17:25:07 GMT 2000

Sounds like you have not tried it...

Try it and then we talk... :)

seriously, on 2.0.6, the support is not there.  Compiling with
--with-ldap, it simply tells you that the feature is not there yet.

I have not seen 2.0.7beta yet, so don't know if it's there or not.

In any case, my guess is that it can work but most likely in an
non-encrypted approach.  And if you are ok with that, then simply use
the --with-pam approach, then look at pam-ldap.  Assuming your OS
handles pam.

My .02...

werner maes wrote:
>         Hello,
> I was wondering whether there's any support for LDAP in Samba.
> I know that you can compile your Samba-server with (-- with-ldap) but
> what exactly does this mean.
> For example, is it possible to save Samba-information in an LDAP-database?
> If someone has any idea or information,
> feel free to let me know
> Werner Maes
> KULeuven
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