Arguments for Samba instead of NT-Server

Ricardo Stella stella at
Wed Mar 22 17:21:51 GMT 2000

All I can say, that if money is not a problem, then your admin's would
have a hard time getting convinced to switch to an opensource solution. 
They'll want 'paid support' and a big company name standing behind it...

When money is a problem, the 'it's free' answer becomes more relevant.

In any case, regarding performance, stabilty, etc.  well, it runs under
Unix...  That should pretty much say it all..

My .02..

werner maes wrote:
> Hello,
> Can anyone give me arguments that could convince someone to choose for
> Samba for file and print sharing instead of setting up a NT-server?
> Performance ?
> Stability ?
> Benchmarks ?
> Tests that someone has done?
> Things like: "It's free" or "You don't need a powerful machine" are
> irrelevant to
> our administrators.
> I'm looking for answers on questions like:
> "Well, you can do the same with Windows Networking, why spend a lot of
> time
> trying to figure out Samba when it's standard in Windows?"
> Any info would be mostly appreciated (so I can convince others to choose
> for Samba). I prefer mail.
> Thanks,
> Werner Maes (werner.maes at
> KULeuven
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