IPC$ and valid users

Glen Gibb grg at ridley.unimelb.edu.au
Wed Mar 15 11:16:13 GMT 2000

I have Samba 2.0.5a running with multiple configuration files for
different groups of users (one config file per group). In the common
config file (which does an include to load the group file) I set valid
users to a one specific group.

In the group config files, I then set valid users to include the necessary
group (and also do other stuff like restricting the interface the
connections can come in on). Although this valid users allows the member
of the group to connect, it denies them access to IPC$ (so they can't
browse the shares available on the Samba server).

If I add all groups in the main config file in valid users, then all users
can access IPC$. However, I'd rather have the minimum number of users
possible in the main config file.

The included file is included in the global section, before any other
sections are defined.

And I've looked at the log files at log level 10, and it attempts to match
the user with the single group defined in the main config file, not the
extra group suposedly added by the included config. It eventually fails
with a "Can't become user" error message.

Any suggestions as to what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance
Glen Gibb

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