Samba question - Out of File Structures

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Tue Mar 14 20:06:34 GMT 2000

ross.kennedy at wrote:
>  I could do with some help.
> We're creating a large number of files from from NT Workstation.
> After a while (I think it's 1014 files but it may be 2027), the SAMBA log
> reports "Out
> of file structure" errors. Below is a cut down version of the log
> file. The 1014 number is significant as it appears in the SAMBA log when
> SAMBA starts.
> I'm guessing it's a Solaris OS limit. I'd like to increase the 1014 number
> to see if that makes any
> difference but I don't know how.
> This error is mentioned in the list procs archive as "fixed" in 2.0.5.
> Has it crept into 2.0.6? I can't see a binary distribution for 2.0.5

This is a different bug than the one fixed in 2.0.5. 
This is not a bug but an OS limitation. You need to set
the number of available file descriptors per process higher
than 1024 (the default).

Do a 'man limits' on Solaris to see how (I think this
is the command to use:-).


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