some win98 machines will see the samba server, others won't.

Per Kofod per at
Mon Mar 13 13:07:28 GMT 2000

Hi Anthony

This sound like you are having a WINS problem. I belive that the
that can see the samba server, and those who can't, are on different
network segments. 
It could also be, that some of the Win98 clients are configured to use a
DNS server, and other are not, can you connect using the fully qualified
domain name?
or, it could be if some win98 clients are not setup for TCP/IP

What do you have in your smb.conf in the global section for the

   preferred master ( should be no )
   domain master    ( should be no )
   local master     ( should be Yes )
   wins support     ( should be no )
   wins server      < IP address of your NT DC >
   remote announce  < Local wins servers on other segments >
   allow hosts

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