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Guy Cohen guy at
Mon Mar 13 16:04:02 GMT 2000

The problem is not catastrophic but I'd like to solve it.

This is what I've done and what i have so far:

		NT-server-A		  PDC
		  	|		   |
		---------- subnet A ----
		---------- subnet B ---
			|		   |
	   Samba as WINS &	 NT-server-B
		 local master

Both NT-servers and the PDC are configured to use the wins on the samba
I've added the samba server to the NT domain on the PDC and also with:
smbpasswd -j DOM -r PDC on
the samba server.
Samba is configured as local master with os level = 65.

Whats good so far:
NT-server-B see the samba server in it's network neighborhood and can access
NT-server-A and the PDC can access the samba server as \\samba-server

The problem:
NT-server-A & the PDC don't see the samba server in there network

Any ideas how to solve that ?

Please Cc: to me, if you replay to the list.

Thank you,
Guy Cohen.

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