AutoCAD 2000 Network Install woes . . .

Foley, John John.Foley at
Mon Mar 13 16:19:58 GMT 2000

	Has anybody run into install troubles on AutoCAD 2000 network
version? The server is Samba 2.0.3 on Solaris 2.7 intel.
	Install went fine, but when i try to do a client setup I get an odd
message about there being insufficient disk space. The installation is one
of "Run from network", which should require relatively little space on the
client (the client in question has nearly 400 megs free). Is this an
artifact of the locking issues?

	Also unusual, but possibly related, is the errors I'm getting trying
to run the Add Plotter wizzard. From the original client (the machine from
which AutoCAD was installed) I get "Installation information is not properly
set up in the registry. The program may not function properly. It is
recomended that you reinstall the program."

	Anyone seen this before?

	I _did_ set max mux = 1, but then could'nt browse to it to try the
install . . . My next step is to set man mux = 1 again and try mounting the
install partition as a drive.

	John T. Foley
	Network Administrator
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