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James Skinner James.Skinner at
Wed Mar 1 09:50:33 GMT 2000

So here is my problem.  I have Samba installed on an HP-UX box. I can browse
and access the samba shares from Win98 no problem at all.  From Windows NT
4.0 I can find the computer but browsing does not show any of the shares.  I
can however connect to the shares on NT 4.0 using 'net use'

On Windows 2000 nothing works.  I can't find the Samba machine and 'net use'
does not work.  I know that the win2000 machine is talking to Samba because
I can see the ip of the samba machine if I do a 'nbtstat -c' and if I watch
the samba logs I see some activity when trying to connect from the win2000

How can I get the Windows 2000 machine working and how do I get browsing to
working from the NT 4.0 box?  I'm running Samba 2.0.6

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