WINS browse sync!

Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski B.Solarz-Niesluchowski at
Wed Mar 1 08:02:53 GMT 2000


I have the two networks a.a.a.a and b.b.b.b

Both on them I have domain logon server & WINS serwer

How to setup than in network neightbourhood i can see form network a.a.a.a 
network b.b.b.b and vice versa?

(a.a.a.a it is different domain than b.b.b.b)

I try the option remote browse sync - it works partially - in network 
neightbourhood i see the domain b.b.b (from net a.a.a) but when i try to 
get in i have error - the b.b.b can not found....

It works only when on client i setup TWO WINS serwers (one from a.a.a.a 
second from b.b.b.b) - how make it works correctly (with only one WINS serwer)?

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