ANNOUNCE: smbfax

Craig Kelley ink at
Thu Jun 29 20:10:30 GMT 2000

Allows you to print via Samba to a hylafax-controlled faxmodem on your
server *without* any additional Win32 software for the client.  It's as
easy as File->Print from an application, choose the network fax printer,
then check your email's INBOX.

You can also view and delete jobs by the standard Windows methods.


Basically it does this:

 SMB Client -> Samba -> smbfax -> SMTP -> cgi-bin -> smbfax -> hylafax

The system basically uses 2 programs, one is a glue program that goes
between Samba and faxstat and the other is one that interfaces sendfax
with HTTP -- the two programs "talk" to eachother via a spool dir.  There
are no daemons running -- it's all stateless (unless you consider a cron
job that cleans up a daemon...)

It may sound confusing, but we've been using it for a bit here and it's
been pretty easy to adopt.  Now, if I could only get netatalk to associate
a different user with each printer connection ala Samba...

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