sending "WinPopup" message to a user

Russell Kliese russell at
Wed Jun 28 10:06:40 GMT 2000

Just wanting to thank the people who responded to my problem and post
the solution that worked for me.


>> Just wondering if there is a way to send a WinPopup message to a user

>> (using username). I have had a look at smbclient but it appears to
>> allow sending messages to a computer name.
>You could try and work round this. Use nmblookup to elucidate the
>machine that your use is logged into. For example, you can do this:-
>$ nmblookup mb#03
>querying mb on
> mb<03>
>this'll show you the IP address of the host you're trying to send the
>winpopup message to.
>Using the -S flag to nmblookup should do a node status query on the
>in question. I used to have this working, but on my system, nmblookup's

>status query returns nothing, and I've no idea what went wrong
>(anybody??), so I don't trust it very much at the moment. You can also
>parse the output of smbstatus to get the client name. After you've got
>the netbios name of the machine, it hsould be easy.

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