Help please -- smbmount refuses to work!

Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Jun 28 21:46:20 GMT 2000

Ben wrote:
> I can access the samba share on the linux box via smbclient, but smbclient
> cannot attach to the Win2K box shares. I get the same 'not listening on
> called name' error message.
> >> session request to BUGS failed
> >> session request to *SMBSERVER failed
> >> SMB connection failed
> >
> >Have you looked at the network traffic in a SMB aware
> >packet sniffer like Ethereal or Netmon?
> Not yet...but that's what I was going to try today, 'cause I'm stumped! :)
> Any other ideas/suggestions? Thanks for the input by the way.
> - Ben

Try running the command nmblookup -A <ip of bugs> to see what names
it responds to
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