Samba, Apache, & NT

Chemolli Francesco (USI) ChemolliF at
Mon Jun 26 14:53:30 GMT 2000

> > I am in need of authenticating a webpage hosted by Apache 
> to an NT domain.
> > Apache is on a linux system running Samba 2.0.6. Is there 
> anything that
> > allows Apache to communicate with Samba for authentication purposes?
> > 
> > Ben
> > 
>         There are two methods: 
>         1. look in the CPAN archives for SMB-authentication 
> for Apache 
>         (Apache-AuthenSmb-0.60). This is a mod_perl module. 
> You also need the 
>         mod_perl module and the Authen-Smb perl module to operate it.

Be careful if you allow the guest user. Authen::SMB 0.91 doesn't make any
between logged-in-as-guest and correctly-logged-in.
I have a patch to add that behavior (already sent to the maintainer, but I
heard from him since).

>         2. also in CPAN: mod_ntlm: a Apache module for automatic 
>         authentication from IE. I haven't tried this one and 
> I'm not sure how 
>         it works. It looks like it needs to have a special 
> (security) setting 
>         in IE to make it work. 

I couldn't find it. Could you point me in the right direction?



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