Pls include Message-Id hdrs!! (Re: alternate mail archive)

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jun 28 18:44:16 GMT 2000

[Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at>]
> Message-Id is not included in that archive.

You have a point.  Message-Id is there, as it turns out, but only in an
HTML comment, so it's not visible when rendered.  I will look into the
options to see if there's a way to show it in MHonArc.

> > Unfortunately To and Cc are axed at, courtesy of
> > listproc.  Nothing I can do about that.  (Fortunately, according to
> > Tim Potter, listproc's days at are numbered....)
> Strange, they don't seem to be cheats. (: It somehow gets access to the message
*before* listproc mangles the headers.  By the time they hit my
mailbox, the original To and Cc headers are long gone.

> I really like the version of HyperMail that's in use right now at the
> current Samba archives.

To each his own.  I find HyperMail totally unbrowseable.  MHonArc seems 
to have been *designed* for Lynx.

> I do wish that the Samba mirror sites would update their mail
> archives more often, in "real time" if possible.

The archive I just set up empties its spool files every 20 minutes via
cron.  I didn't want to spend all my CPU regenerating indexes if a
burst of mail came in.  I suppose I could go with 10 minutes if that
makes a difference.

> > What we really need is a mail archive program that puts in a little
> > "send me this" button which e-mails the current message, in
> > pristine condition, back to you.  Pristine except that it should
> > add a header like X-Request-IP: to make it easy to filter, in case
> > of abuse.
> Oh yes, I _really_ like that idea.

Well, it requires keeping around the full text and headers of every
message, as opposed to keeping around the important headers and an
HTML-ified copy.  That implies either twice the disk space used, or
every HTML-ified message dynamically generated from the plaintext.  I
think I'd go with the latter option if I felt like implementing this at 
all, which at the moment I do not.


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