Network printing using Print server (HP and Linksys)

Luis Luna luis at
Sun Jun 25 06:16:22 GMT 2000

Okay here is the scoop. I have Samba up and running (latest version), works
great. It is running under linux (Caldera 2.3 flavor). What I would like to
do now is share some printers (HP 4M/V, HP 650C, HP 4 Plus, Epson 3000, HP
Photo 1100, Lexmarx, Savin Copier) that are connected to HP and Linksys
print servers and some JetDirect cards. Is there a detailed how-to
somewhere? How do I go about doing something like this. I know this might be
the wrong forum, but I have posted at linux sites and no response so far. I
thought that maybe someone here has done this before and can point me in the
right direction. I can share a printer connected to the lpt1 port, but these
are tcp/ip ports on hp printer servers and cards. I know this has to be able
to be done. The clients are of course NT and 98 boxes. The printers are
right now connected to an NT box sharing them out. Took about 10 minutes to
set each printer up and share it. I download the HP WebAdmin software even
though it was only for freebsd and Red Hat Linux, course it refused to load
under the caldera version.
Just thought I would ask. Thanks for any info and sorry if this is the wrong
Luis Luna
mailto:luis at

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