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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Thu Jun 22 12:37:52 GMT 2000

Mark Campbel wrote:
| they want to stop "I drop all my file into the recycle bin and then 
| emptied it" errors.  
[... and]
| grant delete access to team leaders etc in the same group

	Ok, that's very close to a "drop box" concept.
	This can be done using a "close action", or
	Tim Potter's "virtual file system" switch.

	Both are patches available for Samba 2.0.x,
	and both will allow you to do an action when
	a file is closed.  I reccomend the action be 
	to chown the file to a "project" userid and
	groupid, and chmod it to group-writable.
	I'm assuming the directory is already "sticky",
	so that only owners of files can delete them...

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