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Thu Jun 22 11:35:03 GMT 2000

To whom it may concern

     I have installed samba 2.0 beta 5 and have it running succesfully in our
production environment. May I ask you to help me figure out how to run the
executable ../samba/bin/addtosmbpasswd. Is its function to add users to the
smbpasswd file. I also tried to run the program ./addtopasswd < user id > and
recieved several syntax errors.

      I also contacted Mr. Michal Jagermann who wrote this script and he emailed
me the following:

          " It is written for nawk (which was "new awk" some 20 years ago),
          also means that implementations like gawk, mawk or any other POSIX
          conformant one should work.  If you happen to have some ancient
          as 'awk' then probably you have also separate 'nawk' executables.
          Try these.  The script also may need small adjustments depending on
          a presence or absence of NIS on your network. "

          " It seems to me that the current versions of Samba have much better
          utilities to deal with passwords.  This script was written years ago
          when versions 1.6.x, or whereabouts, were current.  I am sort of
          surprised that it still stuck to Samba distributions. "

     I am sorry, but I do not quite understand his suggestion in the first
paragraph. May I ask you for some help.How do I use nawk to implement the
addtosmbpasswd script. In other words how do you run it?.

     I usually enter users to ../private/smbpasswd via the followng methods;

     1. The command ../bin/smbpasswd -add < user id >

     2. I  import the passwd file on nis via the command:
     ypcat passwd | > ../samba/private/smbpasswd

     3. I  cut and paste within the smbpasswd file.

Anthony Deligia, email: adeligia at

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