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campbelm at campbelm at
Wed Jun 21 08:22:22 GMT 2000

Hey there all,
     I'd like to start off by saying that Samba is anamazing progra and is
ideal for my suitation.  Well without trying to suck up too much I'd also
like to say that I hope that this is th right place to send this mail.
If not please redirect me in the right direction.  My problem is silly.  I
want to implement samba on a file sharing server.  I have already set it up
and all is going well, in fact I think it's fine however my managers have
issues with the in-hability to set a delete access to a share, like you can
do in OS2.  This is not trying to prevent malicious attacks, as the people
will have write access to the files but they want to stop "I drop all my
file into the
recycle bin and then emptied it" errors.  In resume They want to deny the
user ability to delete file een of hey have write access.  And also grant
delete access to team leaders etc in the same group, so they can delete the
 if needed.  I hope that there already some simple patch for this silly
problem or that there can be some other reasonable solution, because
without it it looks like the solution will be droped in favour of an OS2
Thanking you greatly in advance


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